Why Dogs are the Best Bestfriend Ever

From those cute puppy eyes, flips, licking, poking to those wiggling tails, who can’t resist a dog? Dogs are known for their natural cuteness, loyalty, sweetness, bravery… what more? There are lots of adjective to be used just to describe them. Now, I’ll give you reasons why dogs are the best bestfriend you’ll ever have. 🙂


•Dogs are your fashion buddy. 🐶

did you say style?


•They will listen to you. 🐶



•They’ll protect you. 🐶



•They will cuddle you if you need one.🐶 

loooooooove ♥


•They will wake you up. 🐶

Wake up sleepy head. You’re late!


•They will (NEVER) get you food. 🐶

Owner: Did you get my food?                    Dog: I did not.

•They are always excited to see you. 🐶



•They love your attention. 🐶


Dogs are not just pets, they are family. Love your dogs. Feed them, give them shelter because dogs loves you more than you love them.

Dedicated to Wichikels, Blackielou, Avatar, Brownies, Brando, HDD, Guinea pig and to all the dogs worldwide. 🐶🐶🐶



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Anesthesia Through The Heart

I'm Allie. I make sad poems. Not all, but mostly. (Anesthesia Through the Heart will be my project for 2018 or maybe the last 2 months of 2017. It will be filled with loss, heartaches, anything sad and how i got through it ) See you when I came back at blogging!

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