Allie’s NSTP Adventure (well, quite!)

The experience I had with my NSTP class was unlike any other. At first, I thought that it would just be a series of boring talks on how we would provide service to the community and also cleaning, which I hate the most. But after attending the next sessions, I found myself looking forward to it every Saturday. I found myself very fascinated with the entire plan making for the community service.

This NSTP during this semester was quite challenging and has a lot of tasks than the ones I’ve had last semester. Challenging, because you’ll need a lot of patience in teaching the kids and controlling them over their naughtiness. Full of tasks because we’ll not  be just teaching but also clean the baranggay’s surroundings (including the river!). The tasks made me tired every Saturday but gave me fun, excitement and happiness throughout that I would say that I really enjoyed this.

As we’re doing our duties, I’ve noticed that we are all dedicated with our works. Some are busy handling the kids, some are teaching, some are preparing the food and some are cleaning. Everyone seemed to enjoy each other’s company. Mrs. Ulic Ulic never left us. She’s been there to guide us and tell us if something or someone needs attention. She served as a mother that  guided us while doing the task. In general, everyone was so serious and exerted effort in this program.

This whole experience was indeed an unforgettable one. I realized that I’ll make a good pre- school  teacher, hahaha. I really got attached to the kids. The subject also taught me on how to keep my patience, be a more nature lover, to be a listener, to share what I know  and also be a good instructor. Teaching the shy kids how to socialize was the best part though. All in all, I just had a good and adventurous experience. That’s all.


-Allie ♥


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Anesthesia Through The Heart

I'm Allie. I make sad poems. Not all, but mostly. (Anesthesia Through the Heart will be my project for 2018 or maybe the last 2 months of 2017. It will be filled with loss, heartaches, anything sad and how i got through it ) See you when I came back at blogging!

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