Day At The Hospital

I‘ve known hospitals for being creepy. You know deaths happen there. That is why I hate hospitals and I also have this strange feeling that someone was behind or following me (thank you horror movies!)

Quarter to 10 am. February 28, 2016

My mom texted my sister and told us to make someone go to the hospital to guard my grandmother who was rushed early that morning and bring two extra pillows. None of us (me and my sisters) want to go there and we kept on arguing who will go. Arguments were discussed and I lost. I was the one who went.

As I got in the hospital, I went to the front desk and ask where the room is. I felt being awkward like I am an alien in a human world, something like that. My mom ask me to hold the nebulizer for my granny (diagnosed with Pneumonia) and instructed me where the things are located. As the information was registering in my mind, mom and Aunt left the room.

My expectation in the hospital was the ones that I have watched on horror movies. Waited. Still, no horror happening. Expectation: Failed.

Later in the afternoon

Nothing exciting. Nothing scary. Just a boring day at the hospital. The doctor called me and talked to me about what’s happening to her. I did my very best to comprehend every single medical terms and I only  understand a few. I thanked myself for being in the theater throughout my highschool years and I acted like a genius that understands everything he says but I actually don’t. I kept on informing everyone everytime a nurse came or if there’s a new medicine prescribed.


Tired and I went home as soon as my older sister arrived for the night shift.


Posted this 1 day late. yeah. at least.




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Anesthesia Through The Heart

I'm Allie. I make sad poems. Not all, but mostly. (Anesthesia Through the Heart will be my project for 2018 or maybe the last 2 months of 2017. It will be filled with loss, heartaches, anything sad and how i got through it ) See you when I came back at blogging!

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