If We Ever Meet Again


Wrap me with your arms so tight

Do not let me go

Until the morning light

Stay with me so long.


Hold my hand

Walk in the park

It’s freezing cold outside

Baby, it’s just you and me tonight.


Kiss me on the forehead

Like tonight is the end

Sing me your lullabyes

Let’s not talk about the goodbyes.


Say you’ll never forget me

I’ll be your favorite memory

I will be the same girl you met

If we ever meet again.


(Oh my… I was having a marathon of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight and suddenly, I got inspired and created a poem. I hope you guys enjoy it. Take care!)




Published by

Anesthesia Through The Heart

I'm Allie. I make sad poems. Not all, but mostly. (Anesthesia Through the Heart will be my project for 2018 or maybe the last 2 months of 2017. It will be filled with loss, heartaches, anything sad and how i got through it ) See you when I came back at blogging!

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