There never comes a day that my imagination never worked. There are a lot of things that I actually want to do. But the thing is , I do not know how.

I’ve always want to be a traveler my whole life. I like to experience something new, learn new things and know new people. There are times that I would just let my mind relax, my eyes to close and let my imagination work. Once, I was stucked in an island and no one was there and the The Vamps band showed up. And I also had a time where I was travelling the world using a hot air balloon and became one of those famous travelers and people would just welcome me on my stops. There are also times that I didn’t use my imagination, just knowledge and technology. Thank you Google map! I’ve already been into places I always wanted to go. At the top of the Eifel Tower, Statue of Liberty , Colosseum in Rome and many more. I just type and Im already there.

Do you know Margo Roth? Papertowns? I adore that girl. Or should I adore John Green for creating her? The way she sneak out and be gone and leave clues. That is way too cool. If I could do something like that, I would. No hesitations.

If you were me, would you travel the world now or wait for the right moment?


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Anesthesia Through The Heart

I'm Allie. I make sad poems. Not all, but mostly. (Anesthesia Through the Heart will be my project for 2018 or maybe the last 2 months of 2017. It will be filled with loss, heartaches, anything sad and how i got through it ) See you when I came back at blogging!

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