Allie’s Internship

They say that nothing beats experience, as my professors and folks would say, as the perfect learning tool.  For students like me, on-the-job training gives them a taste of the real world–a glimpse of what lies ahead after they graduate.

Looking for a company that will accept you as their trainee was quite challenging. I got rejected seven times, but that doesn’t mean that I should stop. I actually got into two companies after those rejections. My first was at Jamta International Enterprises which is located at Morong, Rizal. Jamta International prints on mugs, print tarpaulins, shirts etc. to sum it all , it’s all about commercial arts. I only lasted there for a day and half. I got a notification from Tanay Water District that they’ll be needing interns so I and Denice Castalone went there as possible as we could. We got in and it made us happy. We arranged our transfer papers the next day.

April 18, 2016 – Monday, was my first real day of training at Tanay Water District and I was assigned at the Engineering Division. As my first time working as a trainee and working with others spilled the nervousness out of me. Because at first, I really had no idea what my workmates look like or how they act. Well, I had nothing to worry because it’s either they are all focused on their works or they’ll talk to us about school. It was disappointing when our superior told us that we were not doing course related (Drafting) works all the time, sometimes (mostly) we’ll do office works.

The real world is very different from school. Definitely. I realized that on the very first day of my OJT. You have to act professionally and face the fact that you are an adult already. Shed your childishness away and stand up and face your responsibilities.

The best part of my training was when we were assigned to go to the sites and measure the road that will be in the proposed projects. We used an instrument called Surveyor’s Wheel. It was fun learning how to use it even if it has do’s and don’ts when measuring and using it.

Most of my days was just logging into the logbook, printing Service Requests. I still find time to get along with my workmates and my co- trainees from the other department.

For staying there for thirty days, I’ve learned to be nice to everyone even they aren’t nice to you, enjoy your break time, make myself look presentable every day, don’t stress myself too much, create a bond with your superiors and lastly, even if your day turned out badly, don’t forget to smile because it attracts positive energy.

Ronne Alaine V. Ariscayo

BT-Drafting Technology

Trainee at Tanay Water District


At our Office’s rooftop

——————————-Allie’s note —————————————

Went to these sites for inspiration and yeah, i copied some lines.


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